Techniques for More Impactful Public Speaking

Making presentations is an important element of the Black Card Management dynamic marketing methodology. Our people regularly make pitches in front of audiences. So, whenever someone joins our team, we teach him or her the essentials of great public speaking. A few simple techniques can make your talk significantly more impactful.

Keeping the audience’s attention throughout the presentation is a big part of the battle. One way to achieve this is to include mini-cliffhangers. Humans are naturally curious and want to resolve uncertainty. So, create a little bit of intrigue by not giving away the full picture right away. Create a curiosity gap that you can fill in during your talk.

Storytelling is a big part of how we make Black Card Management campaigns successful. Using illustrative language to help paint a picture in the minds of listeners will grab their attention. The easiest way to achieve this is typically to use concrete terms. Be clear and descriptive about your meaning. It will sink into people’s minds more effectively.

If you are nervous about your talk, don’t try to calm down. Instead, change your view of that energy as excitement rather than anxiety. A change in emotional framing of your speaking experience is easier and more effective than overcoming your emotions.

These techniques will help you give stronger presentations. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook