Team Nights Create Camaraderie in the Office

Our ability to collaborate is the foundation of our success, and one of the ways we keep camaraderie strong in our office is through frequent social events. During our most recent outing Lauren, President of Black Card Management, gathered the entire organization for an informal question and answer hangout. This was a great chance for our people to get together and learn more about the company, our objectives, and each other.

Not only were brand ambassadors invited, but so were our family and friends. We look for ways to be as inclusive as possible, and this seemed like a good chance for those dearest to us to get a better understanding of our industry. Of course, no Black Card Management team night is complete without food, so there was more than enough pizza to go around. “This evening allowed us to connect on a more personal level with one another, and get everyone focused on the team,” Lauren shared. “We’re a close-knit group, and this was a new way to bond with one another and learn about each person’s goals and values.”

We appreciate Lauren and how willing she is to share her time and knowledge with us. She is a true example of effective leadership, and nights like that make us feel even more confident in our choice to join her team. See what we do for a team night next by following Black Card Management on Twitter.