Social Media Strategies for Career Growth

We strive to empower every Black Card Management team member to achieve his or her personal and professional goals. Self-promotion is an element of this. Fortunately, with the internet this is more possible today than it has ever been before. Here are a few social media strategies that can lead to career advancement:

• Be Ready to Promote Yourself: Tooting your own horn is necessary to truly master social media. Think of professional social media as building your personal brand. Get ready to share some of your accomplishments via these platforms.

• Write a LinkedIn Post: LinkedIn is one of our favorite tools around the Black Card Management office. It is a powerful platform for sharing professional stories with the world. It is also a great content marketing platform. Write and share a post on a topic with which you are familiar.

• Use Hashtags: Many social media platforms – especially Twitter – use hashtags to organize conversations. Consider creating a hashtag to relate a series of tweets. For example, you may tweet about your professional experiences and combine them using a hashtag.

• Connect With Influencers: Twitter is a great platform for reaching out to people. Find a few influencers in your space, such as journalists and event organizers, and tweet them some interesting content. If you can start a conversation with one or more of these people, you can open many doors.

These strategies will help you use social media to get ahead. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook