Setting Ambitious Growth Goals for 2019

As we close out 2018 on a successful note, we also look ahead to big Black Card Management achievements in the year to come. We’ve built positive momentum through the past few months, so we’re ready to hit the ground running when the calendar turns to January.

Lauren, our firm’s President, explained, “Some of the biggest goals we’re looking to accomplish include executive promotions, expansion with new brands, and successfully launching those brands. We have three new additions to our portfolio on deck so far. We also plan to drive higher standards than ever before for the products we promote.”

When it comes to her own growth, Lauren has some clear objectives in place. She remarked, “Personally, I’m looking to become a better coach to my team, hold them to higher standards, and be there for them both personally and professionally. With the move into our new Black Card Management office, we’re also looking to provide more growth for brands and our team members. We hope to utilize each promotional specialist and help them drive toward their goals.”

Every goal we set for 2019 will be a measurable one. We’ve discovered that being able to track our progress allows us to make the necessary refinements and get across the finish line even faster.

We’re primed to make progress toward our 2019 aspirations. Like Black Card Management on Facebook for updates on our achievements.