Science-Backed Strategies for Trustworthy Leadership

Reaching the level of leadership isn’t merely a marker of success. It’s also a great responsibility. To be an effective frontrunner, its crucial to be ethical and trustworthy. In the Black Card Management training program, we address several research-backed techniques for earning respect as a leader.

Honesty comes first. Through a survey of nearly 200 global leaders, organizational scientist Sunni Giles cited it as the top leadership trait. One of the ways we practice honesty is to make sure our actions align with our words and values.

Great managers also foster fun in the workplace. A study from Bell Leadership Institute involved 2,700 workers who cited humor in tandem with work ethic as a big motivator. When people can laugh and have a good time, they are more connected and productive. We not only have fun in the office, we do so through frequent team outings.

Servant leadership itself is a practice that fosters trust. It’s certainly the case for Black Card Management. Research from the business college at the University of Illinois supports this assertion. The study included 1,000 people in 71 places who agreed that the leadership style leads to improved performance, service, and retention. By putting others’ needs first, leaders set the example for team members to do the same.

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