Our Rewarding Rocky Mountain Getaway

We enjoy a wide range of travel opportunities as members of Team Black Card Management, but being able to host an event here in the Rockies was amazing. Lauren, our firm’s President, explained that the Rocky Mountain Conference was exciting and hopefully the first of many we’ll organize. She stated, “We had the opportunity to have two of the top producers in our company speak and impact the team. It was great to host an event like this so we can share our experiences and offer dos and don’ts.”

There were plenty of topics covered during the conference, including coaching, management, and building our marketing skill sets. Lauren added, “We appreciate everyone who was able to join us and be part of the experience. Hopefully we helped a handful of team members really kick-start their growth!”

Lauren viewed the event as a chance for us to take time out from our routines and invest in our own success. This is always one of the top benefits of a big industry gathering, because we get to put some distance between ourselves and our ongoing projects. With the fresh perspectives we gain by getting away from Black Card Management HQ, we can identify the best paths forward when we return.

We’re already excited for the next Rocky Mountain Conference. Follow Black Card Management on Twitter for frequent updates on our team learning events.