A Rewarding Road Trip to Detroit

“Travel is a big part of the Black Card Management ethos,” stated Lauren, our company’s President. “We like to send our team members out of their comfort zones to learn new techniques. Rebecca, one of our campaign managers, recently had the opportunity to travel to Detroit to network with top performers from another successful office. She came back with new contacts and valuable insights to share with her teammates.”

Rebecca has already started implementing what she learned during her trip to make our developmental efforts more efficient. We pride ourselves on giving our people everything they need to thrive, so bringing in fresh concepts from other offices is an ideal way to build on this commitment.

Lauren appreciates the wide-ranging benefits of travel opportunities. She explained, “The chance to broaden our horizons by visiting a new place is always worthwhile. We send our team members to conferences, retreats, and other trips that take them all over the country. When they return to the Black Card Management office, they have fresh perspectives on the work they do. They’re also more inspired than ever to hit their highest targets.”

Our President also discussed how traveling builds up team members’ adaptability. “There are always things to adjust to during a business trip,” she explained. “Anything from a flight delay to a change in an event itinerary might greet us. Dealing with these occurrences helps prepare our people for success in an ever-changing marketplace.”

Rebecca’s trip is just the latest example of how travel helps build our team. Check out the Black Card Management Newswire for updates on our excursions.