PRESS RELEASE: Black Card Management’s President Expands Horizons

AURORA, CO – The President of Black Card Management recently enjoyed an educational trip that sharpened her skill set. She discussed the excursion and shared a few tips for cultivating a growth mind-set.

“I like to set the right kind of example for everyone on Team Black Card Management,” stated Lauren, the firm’s President. “This is especially true when it comes to ongoing improvement. I want to up my game not only for myself but for the success of our entire team. That’s why I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to train under my mentor. We focused on new leadership skills and how to help people reach their potential even faster.”

Lauren believes there is always room for improvement, which is why investing in team development is a point of emphasis around the Black Card Management office. “Along with travel incentives, our brand experts also take full advantage of in-office training sessions covering a range of key topics. Making constant development a focal point of our culture has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve in an evolving industry.”

The trip to Phoenix offered Lauren significant networking opportunities in addition to educational value. “Just being in a new locale gave me chances to meet people from another market,” she added. “My mentor also happens to be a good friend, so it was great just to spend time with her and I also got the chance to meet some of her local contacts as well. I returned home with lots of unique insights to share with the team and apply to my own everyday work.”

Black Card Management’s President on Building and Maintaining a Growth Mind-Set

The value of a growth mind-set is a frequent topic of conversation around Black Card Management HQ. Lauren drives these discussions by sharing a few simple strategies for maintaining such a mentality. Embracing new challenges is perhaps the simplest of these techniques. The President added, “We encourage our brand experts to set the bar higher with every accomplishment. In the process, we also advise our team members to stretch beyond their current skill sets. Regular practice in pushing their limits allows our people to accelerate their career advancement.”

Being open to feedback is another key part of keeping a growth-focused mental approach. Lauren commented, “We’re very open with our input around Black Card Management HQ. Through regular check-ins and reviews, our team members are updated on where they stand and what improvements could be made. We make sure whatever feedback is shared can be aligned with clear goals for both personal growth and company expansion.”

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