PRESS RELEASE: Black Card Management Celebrates Past, Looks Ahead

AURORA, CO – The President of Black Card Management discussed the firm’s upcoming third-year anniversary party and the success her team has achieved. She also explained how team members are setting big goals for 2019.

In early January, members of Team Black Card Management will gather to celebrate their three-year anniversary. Lauren, the firm’s President, believes this is the ideal time to mark such an occasion because it gets everyone excited about what they can achieve in the new year. Looking back on three years of success allowed the firm’s brand experts to dream even bigger for what they can accomplish in 2019.

Describing her experiences during the first three years, Lauren stated, “One of my favorite parts has been being able to see my personal growth as I faced challenges. I chose Denver because I wanted to be challenged for the first couple of years. I believe I have performed well under pressure and learned a lot of perseverance in the process.”

Lauren also explained how the coaching culture of Black Card Management has grown along with her experiences. She remarked, “Throughout these three years, I have learned to be a better coach to those on my team and drive better standards for the brands we promote. It has been an incredible experience learning more about the industry and becoming more business-savvy.” The President’s growth as a leader is reflected in the firm’s in-depth coaching system, which quickly prepares new hires to thrive in an evolving industry.

There have been other personal growth milestones for Lauren during the firm’s initial years in business. She explained, “I’ve been given the opportunity to speak at a conference. I’ve also been nominated for and won some prestigious awards. This has been a great three years and we can’t wait to see what more we accomplish and learn in the years to come.”

Black Card Management’s President Look Back Fuels Ambitious Growth Objectives for 2019

It’s inspiring to look back on past achievements, which is exactly what members of Team Black Card Management are doing as they close out 2018 and celebrate their anniversary at the same time. For all that they’ve accomplished during their first three years, team members are coming off their biggest year of growth yet. Lauren believes the firm’s brand experts are therefore primed to have their most successful year to date in 2019.

As they put objectives in place for the coming year, team members are focused on two things: clarity and measurability. They know from past experience that having well-defined outcomes in mind will help them put the right action steps in place from the beginning. With sound metrics to gauge, they can also adjust as needed as they track progress.

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