PRESS RELEASE: Black Card Management Attends Networking Event

AURORA, CO – Black Card Management’s President detailed a recent networking conference attended by the firm’s brand experts. She also highlighted a few unsung benefits of team travel events.

Black Card Management was well represented at a recent conference in Newport Beach, California. Lauren, the firm’s President, stated, “This gathering gave our team members chances to interact with successful people from all levels of our industry. There were also plenty of constructive lessons to be learned about the structure and methodical approach of our business. We returned home inspired to put the insights we gained to good use.”

The team members chosen for this trip have worked hard to reach their goals. Lauren felt they deserved to be rewarded for their dedication. She remarked, “Travel is such an important aspect of our Black Card Management company culture, especially when it comes to recognizing our team members’ excellent performance. An event such as the Newport Beach conference is the ideal way to show appreciation for our people’s efforts, because they get to add valuable contacts and accelerate their professional growth at the same time.”

Black Card Management’s President on the Unheralded Benefits of Team Travel

Aside from learning and networking, there are many other benefits that come with team travel events. Lauren noted, “Getting away from the Black Card Management office together helps us build stronger personal bonds. Our brand experts got to discover new things about each other, such as hidden talents and shared interests, that might not be evident during the course of our work. This knowledge can fuel even better collaboration on the job.”

Traveling with teammates also allows people to reflect on what’s working and where improvements can be made. “This is an underrated aspect of professional development,” Lauren added. “Having time to actually think about past projects and where we stand on current goals helps us move closer to our long-term objectives. When we return from a conference, seminar, or networking function, we have greater insight into how we can refine our approaches.”

Exploring new places together is another way team members become closer through business travel. The firm’s President remarked, “Going somewhere like Newport Beach really puts this benefit into focus. We had so much fun exploring the area, including great restaurants and natural attractions. I can confidently say that everyone on our team will be working hard to qualify for our next trip to this gorgeous part of the world.”

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