Networking Made Easier for Introverts

Building a wide network of helpful contacts is a big part of any successful career. However, it’s not always easy to do – especially if you’re an introvert. We use the following online networking strategies around the Black Card Management office to forge strong connections.

Outreach emails have become major parts of our networking efforts. They’re great for making an initial connection, especially if you’re clear about why you want to meet the recipient. If you can point to a specific article the person has written, for example, you’ll establish common ground right from the outset.

Sharing our unique viewpoints online is another good way to add to our networks. Publishing articles through LinkedIn is one effective outlet for doing so, as is asking or answering questions on Quora. These are also ideal ways to find like-minded people who can help you get closer to your ultimate career goals.

We also fill out our Black Card Management social media profiles as much as possible to bolster our networking efforts. It’s easier for people to find you if you include a lot of details about your expertise and interests. With common ground on which to build, your eventual in-person meetings with new contacts can progress more smoothly.

These online networking strategies are helping us create more beneficial contact lists. Like Black Card Management on Facebook to find more of our best connecting advice.