Learn About Lauren’s Standout Performance

Team member recognition plays an important role in the Black Card Management culture. We praise and encourage each other every day, and enjoy performance-based perks. We publicly highlight one another as well. This month, for instance, we applauded our company President, Lauren.

Lauren is an outstanding performer. She says 2017 has been her biggest learning year in business. As she has been running the Colorado office, which is in a rather large territory, she has learned not only what to do in terms of operations. She has also discovered what not to do.

Moving into the new year, Lauren is excited to focus on innovative systems and strategy. She intends to develop Black Card Management leaders as well. By investing time and interest in every person in the business, she helps them meet their goals. Lauren works hard for herself along the way.

These are some professional development strategies our company President uses:

• She Learns Continuously: Learning is a requirement in our fast-paced industry, and Lauren consistently does so to stay ahead of the competition. She reads, attends conferences, consults with mentors, and more.

• She Gives and Accepts Feedback: In keeping with her commitment to learning, Lauren is open to our recommendations as well. She applies suggestions, and gives us plenty of her own in return.

Lauren is on track to meet her goal of winning Comeback Manager of the Year. Visit our Black Card Management Newswire to stay updated on her progress. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook