Katie Is the First Person to Meet When You Join Our Team

Right now is a very exciting time to consider joining Black Card Management. Demand for our unique interactive marketing services has never been higher, and we’re looking for career-oriented professionals that understand the value of an opportunity without a ceiling.

One of the first people a potential team member would encounter when applying to join our team is Katie, our human resources director. Not only is she in charge of hiring and on-boarding, you should also know that she is one of the pillars of our organization.

Lauren, Black Card Management’s President, had this to say about Katie, “Throughout her time with our organization, Katie’s strong work ethic has made her extremely adaptable. She is able to face every obstacle and find a solution that is the best fit for the situation. She’s never afraid to ask questions either, and her thirst for knowledge is contagious.”

We asked Lauren what life was like for her when she first joined the company, and she was happy to share. “My first two weeks of being with the company had me traveling around training. Then, I was lucky enough to attend a weekend conference in Dallas, Texas. So, I definitely learned A LOT to say the least. I got to meet tons of awesome people and build relationships while learning about the industry, growing as a person, and establishing goals.”

For the right person, a career with our firm will be both fulfilling and rewarding.