Insightful Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

As a fast-growth company, we’re often on the lookout for career-oriented professionals with a passion for promotions, which means our hiring managers interview aspiring team members frequently. Here are some of their favorite Black Card Management interview questions:

• “Whom Do You Admire?”: We can tell a lot about candidates by the people they look up to. The answer to this question reveals the values that a person holds and what his or her ideal future might be like. Ironically, a lack of people that an applicant admires tells us the same thing.

• “What Did You Like the Most About the Last Company You Worked For?”: The best answers to this include some desire to grow both personally and professionally. Also, we listen for those who can still find good things to say about a job that they’re leaving – especially if the circumstances were less than ideal.

• “What Would You Like Us to Know That We Couldn’t See on Facebook?”: If an interviewee is nervous, this always helps the person to relax. It also opens the door to unique information that helps us identify the people who might fit in well with the team. Also, this Black Card Management question works well to break the ice while networking.

Great interviewers will ask smart questions that help them learn what matters most about a stranger in a matter of minutes.