Innovative Tips for Assembling Winning Teams

We’ve learned a lot about successful team building through our Black Card Management growth. This is true when it comes to strengthening bonds between our people, but we’ve also discovered a few key strategies for assembling the right collections of talent. Here are some of the practices we keep in mind as we add to Team Black Card Management.

Hiring for cultural fit might sound like the best way to go, but we’ve actually taken a different approach when adding fresh talent. We’ve found that stepping outside our comfort zone with regard to hiring is the best way to add people who will expand our company’s perspective. Rather than check all the boxes, we’re willing to recruit candidates who challenge our established norms.

Allowing people to apply their unique talents as they see fit is also important if you expect to get the best performance from your team. When team members have the freedom to think about their contributions as they fit into the bigger picture, they’re more likely to add extra value. Essentially, this is a strategy that enables your team to shape your work culture. We’ve learned that this is the preferred approach over requiring people to conform to your specific idea of a winning atmosphere.

We keep these concepts in mind as we continue adding to our talented roster. Check out the Black Card Management Newswire for more of our best team-building insights.