Highlighting Sarah, Our Newest Leader

We’re happy to recognize our top Black Card Management performers, especially when they reach major career milestones. That’s the case for Sarah, who is one of our firm’s newest leaders. She recently had the chance to visit Washington, D.C. to learn about a new brand addition to our portfolio.

Lauren, our firm’s President, explained, “Sarah is launching our new campaign and we couldn’t be more excited to see what she does. She was able to train with some representatives from the company we’re promoting for this project, so I know she’ll do well.”

Originally from Arizona, Sarah made her way to Colorado and hit the ground running as soon as she joined Team Black Card Management. Lauren remarked, “Sarah has a good head on her shoulders and brings a great student mentality to her work. She carries a positive demeanor into every new challenge, which allows her to achieve remarkable personal and professional growth.”

When it comes to recognition, Lauren believes that clarity and consistency are essential. “You have to be clear about why someone is being put in the spotlight,” she added. “In our office, team members get recognized for reaching major career goals while upholding our core values. Excelling with integrity and persistence always leads to being singled out for praise.”

We’re excited to watch Lauren continue her career journey with us. Follow Black Card Management on Twitter for updates on her and all our standout achievers.