Haleigh, Half of Our Human Resources Dynamic Duo

Our team is our greatest Black Card Management asset, which puts big responsibility on the shoulders of our human resources directors. Fortunately for us, they’re great people, and handle the challenges of their roles with professionalism and skill.

Haleigh is our newest HR director, and Lauren (our company President) had these complimentary words to say about her, “Haleigh has continued to take on more responsibility around the Black Card Management office. She has help from Katie (our other HR director), and together they are working to create a strong human relations team. Haleigh consistently has a positive attitude and is willing to learn anything.”

We asked Haleigh about her experiences when she first joined the firm, and she had this to say, “During my first couple of weeks here I had a lot to learn about HR management. The smartest thing I did was build relationships with our company leaders, making sure I knew how to help them build teams of qualified applicants.”

When it comes to supporting her team members, Haleigh prioritizes communication. “In HR, it’s just Katie and me. She has her strengths and challenges just like I do, and we always come up with our best solutions by being honest with each other and working together. I think it’s crucial to be on the same page as your partner, and Katie and I do a great job of that.”

We’re glad that Haleigh has decided to join our team, and think she’s doing a great job in her role as human resources director.