An Eye-Opening R&R in Las Vegas

Black Card Management was well represented during a recent R&R event in Las Vegas. Lauren, our firm’s President, and Gabrielle made the trip, returning home with an array of fresh insights and new contacts. It was Gabrielle’s first time going on an R&R trip, so it was an eye-opening experience for her.

The Las Vegas R&R consisted of an awards ceremony followed by a party where Lauren and Gabrielle were able to network with all kinds of hardworking high achievers. They discussed best practices and a few emerging techniques within the dynamic marketing industry. We look forward to seeing how the connections made during the event benefit our company.

Attending an industry awards ceremony was the ideal way for Gabrielle to see the big picture of what’s achievable in our business. Lauren explained that the R&R was catered to individuals who work hard and play hard, and that Gabrielle perfectly embodies that mind-set. Along with being entrepreneurial in nature, Gabrielle is goal-oriented and adept at applying feedback. She overcomes obstacles and takes any and all positive lessons from the experiences.

The trip was a prime opportunity for Lauren to reflect on what’s been working around the Black Card Management office. She was also able to project into the future, solidifying plans for the firm’s next big goals.

There were so many benefits to gain during the Las Vegas R&R. To learn more about the trip and receive updates on our team travel plans, follow Black Card Management on Twitter.