Expert Advice for Riding the Roller Coaster of Success

It’s quite common to hear about overnight success stories in the world of business. For the most part, however, these narratives glaze over the years of learning, setbacks, and hard work needed to rise to the top. As we pursue Black Card Management goals, we look to accomplished individuals to learn about what it really takes to succeed. Here are a few important lessons.

Paval Kadakia, the founder and executive chairman of ClassPass, emphasizes the necessity of purpose. She says, “It’s easy to get sucked into the minutia of the day-to-day tasks of building a business, so take the time to get back to your inspiration and reconnect with your mission and vision. Going back to your ‘why’ can help shift your mind-set since it’s the only thing that matters.”

Transparency is a central Black Card Management value. Bill Clerico embraces it as well. The WePay cofounder and CEO indicates, “…Your team can either be one cohesive unit that helps you get through a challenge, or they can become frantic and frustrated – making the situations worse and harder on you as a leader. When addressing low points, you should be honest with your team and not sugarcoat anything because they will understand what’s happening. At the same time, you should express context for those challenges, optimism about the long run, and where you ultimately want to end up. If you do that well, your team will come together, stick with you through the tough times, and bring a lot of energy.”

Purpose and transparency are essential building blocks of a successful business. For more information, like Black Card Management on Facebook.