An Exciting Addition to Our Portfolio

Bringing a new company into the fold is always an exciting occasion around the Black Card Management office. That’s why there’s a special energy among our team members. We’re happy to announce a new addition to our portfolio of innovative brands.

“This is an amazing opportunity for Team Black Card Management,” stated Lauren, our firm’s President. “We’ll be able to add personality to this brand and really give it a fresh perspective. Our team is a high-energy group, so we love having the chance to have fun with our creative strategies. Harnessing our people’s inspiration is one of the ways we deliver consistent wins for the firms we represent.”

We take a proactive approach in everything we do, including working with new names from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. “We’re always trying to improve ourselves and the event-based promotions we create,” Lauren added. “The people behind these brands appreciate the fact that we’re willing to push ourselves and try new things.”

Our emphasis on setting ambitious goals is what allows us to continue adding to our portfolio. We set the bar higher after every successful campaign, knowing we have to push beyond our current skills if we want to stay ahead of the competition.

We’re excited to see where this new opportunity leads us. Follow Black Card Management on Twitter to keep up with our ongoing success.