For Excellence, Hire For EQ

Black Card Management’s company culture is based on foundations to success that align emotional intelligence (EQ) with objectivity, calmness, and a solution-oriented approach. In our interview process, we select our people based on their high EQs. Here are some things into which we look carefully:

• Handling Setbacks: During an interview, the interviewer should probe to learn how this new team member handles failure and rejection. People with high EQs, who tend to review any mistakes with a critical eye and an intent to learn from them, are far more valued than those who pass blame or refuse to accept accountability.

• Team Players: Our Black Card Management workplace is dependent on collaboration for success. Therefore, we should ask questions that elicit responses as to how they might work well with team members. Are they individuals who share credit on accomplishments or laud it for themselves? Can they share ideas and accept input from colleagues?

• Feedback Acceptance: In our Black Card Management coaching program, we value everyone’s input. This means accepting constructive comments proactively. Ask applicants to describe a time they were given constructive input. Now we can truly see if they took the opportunity to apply this feedback productively to improve performance.

We set people up for success here. EQ is one of the factors that gives people the edge.