Essential Behaviors for Agile Leadership

Building our flexibility is one of the focal points of our Black Card Management efforts to become stronger leaders. Here are a few of the simple but essential strategies we’ve embraced to confront unexpected situations when they arise:

” Being Mindful: This is sound management advice in all conditions, but especially when something unexpected will impact your team. We do our best to be mindful of who will be affected the most by any change. This makes it easier to discuss what we need to do in order to respond in the most productive ways.

” Avoiding Overreaction: The true test of being an agile manager is responding to unforeseen events rather than just reacting to them. In other words, we think through any big shift to our Black Card Management plans before we decide which action steps need to be taken.

” Practicing Innovative Thinking: We think outside the box in order to step out of our comfort zones. This is a big part of our company ethos, but it also prepares us for unplanned circumstances as well. When unexpected events come along, we’re equipped to respond in positive ways because we’re accustomed to challenging our assumptions.

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