Building Your Brand? Your Social Media Image Matters

What did we do before social media? We certainly have asked that question around our Black Card Management office. Today it seems as though our world is getting bigger, so our need to build a personal brand image online has become mission critical. Here’s why it’s important and how we make sure social media works for us.

The power of social media should ultimately work in our lives from a positive perspective. People do pay exceedingly close attention to what others post or discussions in which they might engage. How can we increase our brand awareness through a social media account? Here’s how.

Photos are an excellent opportunity to reevaluate our social media accounts, so we analyze our pages to see which images might not send the right sign and delete them promptly. As we say in our Black Card Management office, it’s better to delete those that don’t align with our mission and goals. We can post our latest accomplishments as well.

As we build our own social media profiles, one lesson we impart to our Black Card Management team members is to reach out to others on a higher level than we are. For example, on Twitter, we might find someone who is famous, or at least well known in our industry, and follow them as it gives them a chance to engage us.

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